Casa de Papel Season 4 Release Date HAS NOT BEEN POSTPONED!

Rumors about the postponing of the release of the show do not have any authenticity to it. As far as we know, it can be a hoax. Moreover, no official announcement has been made in regard to this procrastination. Therefore, we are still relying on the date announced

The “Inspector Murillo” in #LaCasaDePapel confirms that she has Coronavirus

#ItziarItuño, the “Inspector Murillo” in #LaCasaDePapel confirms that she has coronavirus

The popular actress announced to her fans through social networks that she tested positive for COVID-19. Itziar indicated that he has presented the symptoms of the disease since Friday and today confirmed that he has coronavirus. ‘Hi everyone. It is official, since Friday afternoon I have symptoms (fever and dry cough) and today we have received confirmation of the epidemiological examination. It is coronavirus. My case is mild and I am fine, but it is very very contagious and super dangerous for people who are weaker, ”he wrote on his social networks.

On the other hand, the artist asked all her followers to be of the situation we are experiencing and to take the necessary measures to protect us.


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Aupa danoi!! Ofiziala da, bariku arratsaldetik sintomekaz nabil (sukarra ta eztul lehorra) eta gaur iritsi jaku azterneta epidemiologikoaren konfirmaziñoa. Koronabirusa da. Nire kasuan arina da ta ondo nago baina oso oso kutsakorra eta super arriskutsua ahulago dagoen jendearentzako. Hau ez da tontakeria, izan konsziente, ez hartu arinkeriaz, hildakoak dauz eta bizi asko jokoan eta ondiño ez dakigu noraiño helduko dan kontua, beraz, arduratsuak izateko txertoa ipinteko garaia da danon hobebeharrez. Elkartasun garaia da! Etxean geratzekoa eta babestu besteak! Orain 15 egun berrogeialdi eta aurrerago ikusiko da✊❤.Zaindu zaitezte!!😙😙😙😙/ Hola a tod@s!! Ez oficial, desde el viernes por la tarde tengo los síntomas (fiebre y tos seca) y hoy nos ha llegado la confirmación del test epidemiológico. És coronavirus. Mi caso es leve y estoy bien pero es muy muy contagioso y superpeligroso para la gente que está más debil. Ésto no es tontería, ser conscientes, no lo tomeis a la ligera, hay muertos, muchas vidas en juego y aún no sabemos hasta donde va a llegar ésto por lo que ha llegado la hora de ponerse la vacuna de la responsabilidad por el bien común. Es tiempo de solidad y generosidad! De quedarse en casa y proteger a los demás. Ahora me tocan 15 dias en cuarentena y después ya se verá✊❤! Cuidaros mucho😙😙😙😙/ Olá galera! Ez oficial, desde sexta-feira à tarde tenho sintomas (febre e tosse seca) e hoje recebemos confirmação do teste epidemiológico. É um coronavírus. Meu caso é leve e estou bem, mas é muito muito contagioso e super perigoso para pessoas que são mais fracas. Isso não é bobagem, esteja ciente, não leve a sério, há mortos, muitas vidas em jogo e ainda não sabemos até que ponto isso vai dar, então chegou a hora de ser vacinado pela responsabilidade pelo bem comum . É um tempo de solidão e generosidade! Ficar em casa e proteger os outros. Agora tenho 15 dias em quarentena e depois será visto✊❤! Cuide-se😙😙😙😙 #etxeangeratu #yomequedoencasa #quedatencasa

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“Tokyo”, from “Money Heist”, at risk for the Coronavirus (PHOTO)

Spanish actress Úrsula Corberó, who plays Tokyo in “La Casa de Papel”, traveled to the Japanese capital to learn first-hand the origin of her fictional name, in the successful Netflix series.

However, the model also worried its almost 12 million followers on Instagram, due to the recent epidemic of the coronavirus that affects Asian territory.

In fact, Corberó (30 years old) shared a photo with a mask during his visit to Tokyo.
“Tokyo in Tokyo,” the Catalan actress wrote on her Instagram account.

Although the Chinese city of Wuhan, the focus of the epidemic, is almost 2,500 kilometers away from where she is, her fans recommended Úrsula to leave the Japanese nation.

The coronavirus has already exceeded two thousand dead in about 30 countries in the world; In Japan, for example, there are already more than 600 confirmed cases and one deceased.

Fourth season of “The paper house” already has a release date
The band of robbers who made the assault on the Mint and Bell of Spain will meet in the fourth season of the Spanish series La casa de papel, created by Alex Pina, whose premiere is scheduled for next April 3, 2020 by Netflix.

In the 28-second trailer, characters like “El Professor” (Álvaro Morte), “Lisboa” (Itziar Ituño), “Tokyo” (Úrsula Corberó), “Helsinki” (Darko Peric), “Berlin” (Pedro Alonso) appear, “Nairobi” (Alba Flores) and “Rio” (Miguel Herrán); “Neither Professor expects this chaos,” says the legend with which the series announces its return.

Money Heist ‘La Casa De Papel’ Season 4: Character Death Confirmed! Release Date And Other Updates

Money Heist, the trending show of Netflix. Arriving shortly on Netflix for the fourth season. The latest trailer released on the fifth March raises a lot of questions. Well, since the next season is only 25 days away, updates on the season are coming like the plague. You can find it on all the platforms. We saw the latest trailer of season 4 on youtube on the fifth of March, and it draws a bloody picture of the gang. Things do not seem right for our favorite robbers.

When Will We Get The Fourth Season of Money Heist?

All those who are waiting for the fourth season, your wait just ended. April 3rd is the release date for the fourth season. The Chaos shall begin on April 3rd. Moreover, all the episodes of the fourth season or should I say the fourth part shall be released together on 3rd April. So all the binge-watchers get ready with your streaming devices and clear your schedule for Money Heist season 4.

Money Heist Season 4 latest Trailer Breakdown.

Netflix recently released the trailer for the fourth season of Money Heist. The new trailer clears several doubts indeed, but it also poses further doubts. We have now been confirming that Lisbon is very much alive and is being offered a chance to gain freedom on the cost of betraying her crew. Next confirmation is about Nairobi, she is also active at least till now, not sure if she will make it through the season.

The new doubts that arise after the trailer are; why is the Professor running? What is the thing that the Professor is planning on other than the Heist? Will Lisbon betray her crew and the Professor for her freedom? The most important question, will the team be able to escape alive from the bank? All of these questions will be answered once we watch the next season.

Netflix Considering ‘Money Heist’ Season 5 And 6?

“Money Heist” season 4 is coming and in fact, its filming has been completed already. The Spanish drama that is also known as “La Casa de Papel” reportedly wrapped up filming in August but the release date is not yet available.

Netflix is not saying anything about the completed fourth season of “Money Heist” and it was actress Esther Acebo, who plays Monica, who revealed about the end of filming. She let the fans know about it through her social media account where she simply wrote, “I’m finished shooting @lacasadepapel” and adding the hashtag #lcdp4.

Although the show’s release date is unknown since there is no official announcement from Netflix yet, it seems that another one of the cast members just revealed when “Money Heist” season 4 is coming back. Rodrigo de la Serna was a guest at the Cadena 3 radio program when he blurted out they are finished filming “La Casa de Papel” and mentioned a premiere date of January 18, 2020.

De la Serna plays Palermo in “Money Heist” and surely he knows exactly when their drama is going to be released. “It was already recorded and has a release date in January and we are very happy,” he said.

While the fourth installment of “La Casa Papel” has yet to arrive, it was hinted by another actress that Netflix is already planning for the fifth and sixth seasons of the Spanish heist crime drama series that was created by Álex Pina. Itziar Ituno said that season 5 and 6 have been scheduled and Formula TV, a Spanish media, can confirm this too as per the Buzz Paper.

Finally, as to what can be expected in the upcoming “Money Heist” Season 4, Ituno said shared that the robbers will be facing a great obstacle while inside the bank as a new foe will surface. The actress then stopped giving hints because Netflix will go after her for divulging spoilers.

“I can not say anything else, otherwise Netflix is ​​killing me,” she said. “I can just tell you that it’s going to be even more spectacular than before and the story will let stronger and stronger, with more action and more unexpected twists.”